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Courtesy Accounts for Non-Employees, Non-Students (NENS)

NENS Account Request instructions

Courtesy Non-Employee, Non-Student (NENS) accounts are provided to certain individuals who have a special relationship with the University, usually for a limited time. For example:

  • New faculty, who may need to prepare for classes before their first semester of employment begins
  • Adjunct faculty
  • 5-College department faculty and staff (e.g., Astronomy and Dance)
  • Visiting scholars or faculty
  • Faculty or staff from other UMass campuses, by special arrangement
  • Individuals with part-time teaching contracts (for the period of their contract only)
  • Other individuals formally associated with the University, upon verification of status



Request a Courtesy NENS Account

NENS accounts are now requested through SPIRE, rather than with the PDF form used in the past.
Instructions for requesting a NENS account

Note: If you have any questions about qualifying for NENS status or the NENS form, contact IT Help Center at 413-545-9400 (option 1).


Manage, extend/renew, or cancel NENS accounts:

NENS account extensions/renewals are now self-service.

If you are a current Sponsor or Delegate (person who may have filled out the NENS account request on behalf of a Sponsor) for a currently active NENS account, you should now have access to the NENS Manage Renewals page in SPIRE. If you do not, please contact IT User Services at (413) 545 TECH (8324) or

  1. Navigate to in your web browser and log in with your NetID and password
  2. In the SPIRE main menu, click UMass Tools, then Administration, then NENS, and then NENS Manage Renewals.
  3. The NENS Manage Renewals page includes a list of all active NENS account records for which you are listed as either a Sponsor or a Delegate.
    • To request an extension of a NENS account's registration, enter a new expiration date in the Expiration field or select one from the calendar.
    • To cancel a NENS account, click the cancel button.
      Please note that the account deactivation process will take up to 4 weeks to complete. If you need the NENS account deactivated immediately, please contact IT User Services at (413) 545 TECH (8324) or

Note: If you were the Sponsor or Delegate for a NENS account that has already expired, you will not be able to renew the account. Instead, follow the instructions here to submit a new NENS account request.


UCard & NENS Accounts

NENS applicants and account owners may not be eligible for a UCard. UCards are only issued to active students recognized by the University Registrar, or staff and faculty acknowledged by the University Human Resources Department.