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Information Technology

Authentication Services

An authentication service is a sign-on protocol that allows you to access one or more online applications using a user name and password.

At UMass Amherst, you will be prompted for your IT Account NetID and password to access IT and non-IT services, such as Moodle, Apps at UMass Amherst, Library catalogs, or Parking Services. Often, you will see a ‘Web Login’ page, the front-end for our Authentication Services, where you can enter your NetID and password. 

Behind the scenes, our two Authentication Services (LDAP and Shibboleth) help identify you as a member of the university community and help restrict access to campus services and your personal information.

Once you log into one campus service that uses web login, you can use the same web browser to access other web-login-enabled services without having to log in again. For example, if you log in to Apps at UMass Amherst, you can also access Moodle and other services in the same browser. No need to log in again!