Weiai (Wayne) Xu

Assistant Professor
Department of Communication | College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
N334 Integrative Learning Center


Project Title: 

The digital civil war in diaspora communities: an investigation of actors, networks, and content in digital disinformation and propaganda targeting immigrant communities

This is a computational project on digital disinformation and propaganda originating from or/and targeting immigrant communities focusing on actors (e.g., content producers and influencers), diffusion networks, and major frames. The project also plans to develop state-of-the-art computational tools that can be readily applied to non-English content and communities in efforts to scale up the contact-tracing of disinformation and propaganda.

Selected Publications:

  • Xu, W. W. (2020). Mapping Connective Actions in the Global Alt-Right and Antifa Counterpublics. International Journal of Communication, 14, 22.
  • Xu, W. W., Sang, Y., & Kim, C. (2020). What Drives Hyper-Partisan News Sharing: Exploring the Role of Source, Style, and Content. Digital Journalism, 8(4), 486-505.