Viviana Chiu Sik Wu

UMass Assistant Professor Viviana Chiu Sik Wu
Assistant Professor
School of Public Policy | College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
628 Thompson Hall

Project Title: Distributive Justice in the Third Sector: Theorizing and Tracing Philanthropic Networks in the Grants Market

The voluntary nature of giving provides us with little clue of the powerful “invisible hands” that orchestrate the philanthropic landscape. Dr. Wu will develop the theoretical framework of  “distributive justice” for giving through a mixed methods approach, utilizing qualitative and computational network analyses to examine grant distribution and disparities along the socio-economic, racial, and rural-urban lines. This research would shed light on the equity considerations of philanthropic distribution, and expose the ways in which wealthy players and mega-structures shape the philanthropic marketplace across places and over time.

Selected Publications and Talks:

  • Wu, V. C. S. & Xu, W. (Forthcoming). Who leads and who echoes? Tracing diffusion networks of #ClimateChange discourse on Twitter. Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly.  
  • Wu, V. C. S. (2023). Beyond policy patrons: A ‘MADE’ framework for examining public engagement efforts of philanthropic foundations on Twitter. Public Management Review, 25(3), 549-574,
  • Wu, V. C. S. (2022). Exploring donor influence and public engagement: Computational and thematic analyses of social media messages. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations.
  • Wu, V. C. S. (2021). Community leadership as multidimensional capacities: A conceptual framework and preliminary findings for community foundations. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 32(1), 29-53.  
  • Wu, V. C. S. (2021). The geography and disparities of community philanthropy: A community assessment model of needs, resources, and ecological environment. VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations32(1), 351–371.

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