Thaddeus Miller

Associate Professor
School of Public Policy | College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
616 Thompson Hall

2021-22 Scholars Project Title: Building Capacities for the Governance of Smart City Technologies (Co-Scholar Camille Barchers)

This project (together with Camille Barchers) seeks to better understand how new smart city technology can be assessed and deployed in communities to advance policy and planning goals that meet community needs. We will develop a collaborative network of researchers, governmental practitioners, industry experts, and community members across a set of case cities to identify and build capacities needed to use, manage, and evaluate future smart city technology to advance social outcomes. 

Selected Publications as of 2021 (see professional website for current work):

  • Miller, Thaddeus R. 2020. Imaginaries of Sustainability: Science and Technology in the Smart City. Science as Culture 29(3): 365-387.

  • McAslan, Devon**, Adam Gabriele*, Thaddeus R. MillerIn press. Planning and Policy Directions for Autonomous Vehicles in Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) in the U.S. Journal of Urban Technology.

  • Chester, Mikhail, Thaddeus R. Miller, Tischa A. Munoz-Erickson. 2020. Infrastructure Governance in the Anthropocene. Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 8(1).