Seth Goldman

UMass Honors Associate Professor Seth Goldman
Honors Associate Professor
Department of Communication | Commonwealth Honors College and College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
N370 Integrative Learning Center

Project Title: Understanding How People of Color Respond to Narratives of Rising Diversity

Racial and ethnic diversity has been rising in the U.S. and, according to the Census Bureau, the current majority constituted by those who identify solely as non-Hispanic White is decreasing, while a growing number of Americans identify as Black, Latinx, Asian, or with more than one race. This study proposes a three-wave population-based experiment to investigate the influence of exposure to salient media narratives about the changing composition of U.S. society, the moderating role of multiraciality in families, and the responses of people of color.

Selected Publications and Talks:

  • Young, Kevin L., , Seth K. Goldman, Brendan O’Connor, and Tuugi Chuluun. 2021. “How White is the Global Elite? An Analysis of Race, Gender and Network Structure.” Global Networks 21(2): 365-392 (Link to publisher; Link to pre-publication copy)
  • Goldman, Seth K., and Stephen Warren. 2020. “Debating How to Measure Media Exposure in Surveys.” In B. Grofman, E. Suhay, and A. Trechsel (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Electoral Persuasion (pp. 1-33). (Link to publisher; Link to Scholarworks)
  • Goldman, Seth K., and Daniel J. Hopkins. 2020. “Past Place, Present Prejudice: The Impact of Adolescent Racial Context on White Racial Attitudes.” Journal of Politics (pp. 1-55). (Link to JOP) (Link to SSRN working paper)
  • Goldman, Seth K., and Daniel J. Hopkins. 2019. “When Can Exemplars Shape White Racial Attitudes? Evidence from the 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaign.” International Journal of Public Opinion Research 31 (4): 649-668.; (Link to SSRN working paper)