Securing Research Funding

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Social scientists at UMass have raised millions in research funding across disciplinary boundaries, creating new knowledge and research centers in the process. ISSR helps you identify funding opportunities for your research, and the Funding Fridays series to help you develop your research proposals.

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Funding Fridays

Grant-writing workshops and resources for social science researchers. You bring the big ideas, ISSR brings the support.

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Grant support

Faculty in the College of Social and Behavioral Scineces who are interested in sponsored research can request free assistance in completing applications for grants, contracts, and fellowships; navigating submission processes with the University and sponsoring organizations; award set-up; and managing post-award activities.

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ISSR Scholars Program 

The ISSR Scholars Program provides time and resources for faculty members to develop new sponsored research proposals in an interdisciplinary process of peer mentorship..

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