Rachel Walker

Associate Professor
College of Nursing
"Thrive@Home: Randomized-Controlled Trial of a Biobehavioral-Environmental Approach to Promote Activity and Reduce Symptom Interference during Breast Cancer Survivorship"
Dr. Walker investigates solutions for creating and maintaining a sense of well-being, capability, activity, and dignity while aging with cancer and other forms of chronic illness. Their research involves modifying personal environments to fit the unique symptoms, physical abilities, and sensory characteristics of individuals so they can feel better and stay physically active and engaged in valued activities. This work incorporates universal assessment and person-driven goal-setting, making changes to home or work spaces, and personalized health monitoring devices. Dr. Walker will use their residency in the ISSR Scholars Program to develop an intervention (Thrive@Home) designed to promote activity and reduce sedentarism and symptom interference with functioning following cancer treatment.
Recent Publicactions:
Keywords: nursing research, translational science, activity, sedentary behaviors, symptoms, gerontological nursing, aging, cancer survivorship, chronic illness, behavioral science, implementation science, personalized health monitoring, wearable sensors, activity trackers, person-environment fit, environmental gerontology, community-based participatory research, health disparities