Peter M. Haas

Professor of Political Science
Department of Political Science | College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
514 Thompson Hall

Scholars Project Title: Global Sustainability Through Issue Coupling

Global issues tend to be governed in isolation from one another.  Yet we know that many issues are interconnected, and that their effective and sustainable governance requires attention to externalities experienced elsewhere in the world. Dr. Haas will study how these linkages are recognized, and issues are coupled through new legal efforts and new practices.

Selected Publications:

  • Peter M. Haas, ed. 1992. Knowledge, Power and International Policy Coordination. Special Issue of IO 46: 1.
  • Peter M. Haas. 1992. Introduction:  Epistemic Communities and International Policy Coordination. Special Issue of IO 46: 1 pp 1-36.
  • Emanuel Adler and Peter M. Haas. 1992. Conclusion:  Epistemic Communities, World Order, and the Creation of a Reflective Research Program Special Issue of IO 46: 1 pp 367-390.
  • Peter M Haas, Robert O. Keohane, and Marc A. Levy, eds. 1993. Institutions for the Earth. Cambridge: MIT Press.
  • Peter M Haas. 2015. Epistemic Communities, Constructivism, and International Environmental Politics. London: Routledge.