Current Scholars

2017 to 2018

Joseph Bergan

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences (College of Natural Sciences)

Synaptic Foundations of Sexually Dimorphic Circuit Architecture

Social interactions are dynamic processes that depend on the individuals involved (for example: parent or child) and often differ between individual animals. Social behaviors are often sexually dimorphic and...

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David A. Cort

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

HIV Stigma Beliefs and Precautionary Sexual Behaviors in Southern Africa

To date, Dr. Cort’s research has examined the socioeconomic incorporation of immigrant groups such as Hispanics and undocumented immigrants. He will use the ISSR residency to further a new line of...
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Peter M. Haas

Department of Political Science (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

Global Sustainability Through Issue Coupling

Global issues tend to be governed in isolation from one another.  Yet we know that many issues are interconnected, and that their effective and sustainable governance requires attention to externalities experienced elsewhere in...

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Elizabeth A. Henneman

Associate Professor
College of Nursing

A Novel Approach for Managing Unpreventable Interruptions During the Medication Administration Process

Strategies are needed to decrease the negative effects of interruptions in the healthcare workplace. In this proposal, we seek to evaluate a training program for managing...

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Jason M. Kamilar

Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)

How is Sociality and Group Structure Related to Kinda Baboon Microbiome Diversity?

We need a broader context to understand the evolution of the human microbiome (i.e. the bacteria and other micro-organisms found on and in the body), especially with regard to the effects of...

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John Kingston

Department of Linguistics (College of Humanities and Fine Arts)

The Intensity Puzzle

Because speech sounds nearly always occur in the context of other speech sounds, each one's acoustics and perception varies as function of what speech sounds occur next to it. The size of the perceptual effects of neighboring speech sounds on that...

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2014 to 2015

Naomi Gerstel

Distinguished University Professor and ISSR Scholar Mentor
Department of Sociology

Naomi Gerstel is Distinguished University Professor and professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. With Dr. Mary Fechner (Office of Research and Development), Gerstel serves as Mentor to the ISSR Scholars. Gerstel’s research and courses focus on family, carework, job...

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2013 to 2014

Mary Fechner

Proposal Development Specialist and ISSR Scholars Co-Facilitator
Office of Research Development

Mary Fechner is the Proposal Development Specialist for the Office of Research Development at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Dr. Fechner also co-facilitates the ISSR Scholars program, togteher with Dr. Naomi Gerstel (Sociology). She supports faculty in proposal development and...

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