Nicholas Caverly

UMass Assistant Professor Nick Caverly
Assistant Professor
Department of Anthropology | College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
214 Machmer Hall

Project Title: Racism, antiracism, and infrastructure in the context of energy transition

As an ISSR Scholar, Nick will develop proposals to support research into the ways racism becomes a social and technological barrier to climate change mitigation. Transitions from fossil fuels to clean energy are integral to mitigating climate change burdens. This project will use ethnographic and archival research to examine three questions: 1) why do racially privileged people seek to preserve fossil fuel systems, 2) what do advocates grounded in diverse communities do to sustain decarbonization, and 3) how do utility operators navigate conflicting, racialized demands through technical decisions about energy system operations. 

Selected Publications:

  • Caverly, N. 2022. "Carceral Structures: Financialized Captivity and Displacement."  Anthropological Quarterly. 95(2).

  • ——. 2021. “Sensing Others: Empty Buildings and Sensory Worlds in Detroit.” Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space. 39(6).