ISSR Team Awarded MSP Grant to Extend Faculty Salary Equity Study

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UMass Amherst Center for Data ScienceISSR is proud to announce its selection to receive a grant from the Massachusetts Society of Professors - the faculty union at UMass Amherst - to extend its research on faculty salary and the effects of unionization on gender disparities.  ISSR Director Laurel Smith-Doerr (Sociology), Associate Director Henry Renski (Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning) and Methodologist Jessica Pearlman will lead the research project. The Center for Data Science in the College of Information and Computer Science has agreed to provide matching funds for the MSP grant. These funds will be used to hire a CICS graduate student to provide computer programming services for the project. 

One of the broad goals of the MSP is to promote diversity among faculty on characteristics such as racial/ethnic background, gender and sexual orientation and to ensure equal financial compensation of faculty regardless of these characteristics. ISSR has already contributed vital analysis to this effort, with its 2016-17 study of disparities in salary equity at UMass- also supported by an MSP grant. This research highlighted the importance of hiring of women into higher-earning colleges where they are under-represented, such as the College of Natural Sciences, College of Information and Computer Sciences and the College of Engineering.

This new grant extends the analytic frame of this research to a cohort of comparable public research institutions across the United States, to illustrate how the UMass fares relative to other comparable universities in terms of promoting salary equity by gender. Comparisons will be made not only of the overall gender wage gap, but the extent to which factors such as the level of female representation among full professors and in higher paying colleges play a role. 

For more information about this research, please contact Laurel Smith-Doerr.