ISSR Scholars Facilitator Naomi Gerstel blogs on Work in Progress

In May, the Washington Posts’s “Wonkblog” argued that the next frontier of workplace legislation was “over when you work, not how much you make.”  UMass Amherst sociologists Naomi Gerstel and Dan Clawson pen the lead article of today's Work in Progress (the blog of the American Sociological Association's section on Organizations, Occupations and Work). Drawing from their recent award-winning book, Unequal Time, they detail the ways scheduling can impact workers in a variety of ways. Their post provides  excellent context for the blog's panel, featuring posts by Kyla Walters and Joya Misra (also at UMass) who describe the constraints placed on workers in the retail industry, and Brian Halpin (of U.C. Davis Sociology) detailing the use of last minute scheduling in a restaurant kitchen.