ISSR Recruiting New Staff | Grants & Contracts Coordinator

ISSR is excited to announce that we will be expanding our capacity to support CSBS grant-seekers. We are currently recruiting for a new position of ISSR Grants & Contracts Coordinator, and we welcome your support in identifying candidates for this exciting new role. ISSR provides a supportive and welcoming workplace, with a deep interest in professional development opportunities for all staff. 

This position will help our team respond to an overwhelming demand from CSBS faculty and staff for post-award services, and supplement the work ISSR’s Grants Manager, Karen Mason has long done in pre-award services with the preparation and submission of grant funding proposals. With this new capacity, ISSR will be able to help research grant recipients ensure compliance with university and funding source policies, and support the tasks that are essential to successful grants management. This position has been funded by the Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and will support faculty in the College. 

We hope that this additional staffing support will improve faculty grants experiences. Details of the new position are available in the job posting. Thank you for encouraging candidates to apply for this position.