Funding for Faculty Research from the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at UMass

UMass offers a variety of internal sources of funding to help support faculty research. The Dean’s Research Council offers SBS Research Support Grants, a new SBS Dean's Research Excellence Award and Speaker/Conference Grants. We also list a variety of other University-level research funds that are available so that you have the information all in one place!

The fall deadline for these is October 15, 2015.

Research Support Grants —To support a new research project (e.g., research assistant funding, project-related travel, sabbatical support, etc). Up to $7,000 per Principal Investigator, up to $14k if two PIs from SBS.

SBS Dean's Research Excellence Award —This award recognizes distinguished achievement in scholarship and research.

Conference/Visitor Grants —To bring a speaker or colleague to campus or to host a conference or workshop on campus. Up to $2,000 support with a 1:1 match from other sources. Please indicate the source of the matching funds.

Applications should be submitted online by October 15 here.

Other Internal Funding Opportunities for 2015-16:

For more funding opportunities, visit the pages on Faculty Funding on the ISSR website.