CFR Philanthropy Update: New Direction at Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation logo
In a long-anticipated blog post published over the weekend, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker announced that the foundation has completed its two-year-long strategic planning process and shared details on FordForward - the foundation's blueprint for changes in its culture, programs, and assets.
Changes include:
  • Focusing more narrowly on combating inequality;
  • Cutting the number of initiatives from 35 to 15, concentrated in seven areas:
  1. Civic engagement and government
  2. Gender, racial, and ethnic justice
  3. Equitable development
  4. Inclusive economies
  5. Internet freedom
  6. Youth opportunity and learning
  7. Creativity and free expression
  • Doubling its overhead rate on project grants from 10 to 20%;
  • Discontinuing its support in several areas where it has seen measurable progress in recent years, including LGBT rights in the U.S., direct cash transfers in Latin America, and microfinance; and
  • Reducing the number of grants awarded by as much as 20%, from roughly 4,000 to 3,200, over the next two years.  
At the same time, the Foundation will continue to invest in what Walker describes as the "Three I's" -- groundbreaking ideas, leading individuals, and institutions and networks -- and, initially, will prioritize institution building, dedicating $1 billion over the next five years to those efforts through its BUILD program.

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