CEE in the Conversation | COVID-19 and Service Worker Vulnerability in the United States

This week, the Center for Employment Equity released a new report entitled The COVID-19 Recession: An Opportunity to Reform our Low-Wage Economy?A shorter, public briefing paper on the same topic appears in The Conversation under the title How the coronavirus recession puts service workers at risk .

This timely work analyzes the differential vulnerability of different groups of workers to the economic and broader impacts of COVID pandemic. The Center for Employment Equity has long been concerned with how poorly U.S. workers are treated, particularly low-skilled, low-wage workers, women, and minority workers. Tracking the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent economic impacts, it is becoming clear this crisis will hit these workers harder than all others. Focusing on low wage workers – those making less than $15 an hour –  we discovered a great deal of variation in terms of where people are most vulnerable to the current pandemic  and the coming COVID-19 recession.  

ISSR is proud to support the CEE, and congratulates ISSR Scholar Donald Tomaskovic-Devey and ISSR Methodology Consultant Rodrigo Domínguez Villegas, along with co-authors and CEE Research Director Eric Hoyt and Communications Assistant J.D. Swerzenski.