Announcing New ISSR Team Members in Grants Development, June Funding Brown Bag, and Upcoming Grant Deadlines

We are excited to introduce two additional members of the ISSR team who will support faculty in their search for research funding. Dr. Gretchen Gano will join ISSR as Grants Development Social Scientist starting in August 2017, and Megan Paik recently came on board as Foundation Grants Development Specialist this spring.
Gretchen GanoGretchen Gano's role will be to work with the ISSR Director to set an ambitious grant-seeking agenda designed to meet strategic goals; develop relationships with external funding agencies; serve as lead internal consultant on grant development for SBS faculty, monitoring grant development trends and applying relevant information to resource development efforts; and anticipate grant development needs and position the Institute to respond.

Megan PaikIn an environment of deep government cuts and growing reliance on limited private funds, Megan Paik will help ISSR match faculty expertise and research projects with time-sensitive funding opportunities sponsored by independent and corporate foundations. By appropriately interpreting funding guidelines, understanding funder priorities, and leveraging partnerships, she will help faculty to craft strong applications and foster critical connections with funders that advance excellence in scientific research.

We look forward to a full academic year of new initiatives to support faculty in identifying and securing research funding. Please join us at our next Faculty Funding Brown Bag (details below), check out the updated list of upcoming funding opportunities and deadlines on the ISSR website's Faculty Funding pages, and contact us to discuss your research funding needs.

Faculty Funding Dialogue - Summer Spotlight: The LOI
June 19 | 12:00 - 1:00 pm | 107 Bartlett Hall

The grantseeker's first approach to a private foundation is often through a formal Letter of Intent/Inquiry (LOI).  We will discuss the essential elements of a typical foundation LOI and how to craft a strong "mini-proposal." We will cover how two social science research funders assess LOIs and the support ISSR staff provides in the development and submission of the LOI.