Announcement | UMass NVivo Licenses Extended One Year

Dear ISSR community,
You may have heard that due to a dramatic increase in the cost of NVivo licenses, there was a question as to whether UMass Amherst would be able to renew the campus wide NVivo license for 2021-2022. We are pleased to report that the license has been extended for one year and will be active through September 2022. 
Over the next year, UMass Amherst Information Technology will be exploring long term options for qualitative data analysis software licenses at UMass Amherst. ISSR has been invited to participate in this process, and will be advocating in your interest. We recognize how disruptive it would be for researchers who are using NVivo on current projects if UMass decides to make a change. We welcome your input on this process. Please share your ideas and concerns at the following link.
Please also note that if UMass does decide to switch qualitative data software licenses, ISSR will be work to provide timely training in the new software package to ensure that any transitions are as seamless as possible.   
Thank you very much.
Director of Research Methods Programs, ISSR
Joya Misra
Krista Harper
Associate Director, ISSR