Michelle Budig

Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Professor of Sociology, Michelle Budig
Vice Provost for Faculty Development and Professor
Department of Sociology | College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
836 Thompson Hall

ISSR Scholars Project: Dr. Budig developed a proposal for an NSF-funded project that examines the pathways into self-employment for women and men in a large set of westernized countries. This project considers how individual qualifications,family structure, work-family policies, labor market regulations, and cultural settingsjointly influence gender differences in self-employment participation. 

Recent Publications: 

  • Boeckmann, Irene, Joya Misra, andMichelle Budig. Forthcoming 2015. “Cultural and Institutional Factors Shaping Mothers' Employment and Working Hours in Postindustrial Countries.” SocialForces (2014) doi: 10.1093/sf/sou119. First published online: December 8,2014
  • Budig, Michelle J. and MelissaHodges. 2014. “Statistical Models and Empirical Evidence for Differences in theMotherhood Wage Penalty Across the Earnings Distribution: A Reply to Killewaldand Bearak.” American Sociological Review79(2):358-64.
  • Budig, Michelle J. 2014. 2014 “TheFatherhood Bonus and the Motherhood Penalty: Parenthood and the Gender Gap inPay.” Third Way Next Research Reportseries. http://issuu.com/thirdway/docs/next_-_fatherhood_motherhood/1
  • Yetis-Bayraktar, Ayse, Michelle J.Budig, and Donald Tomaskovic-Devey. 2013 “From the Shop Floor to the KitchenFloor: Maternal Job Complexity and Children’s Reading and Math Skills.” Workand Occupations 40(1):38-65.
  • Budig, Michelle J., Joya Misra, andIrene Boeckmann*. 2012. “The MotherhoodPay Gap Cross-Nationally: How Work-Family Policies and Cultural AttitudesIntersect.” Social Politics 19(2):163-193.

Keywords: employment, gender, parenthood, motherhood, motherhood penalty, earnings, women, self-employment, work-family policy