Marialuisa Di Stefano

UMass Assistant Profesor Marialuisa Di Stefano
Assistant Professor
Department of Teacher Education and Curriculum Studies | College of Education
W259 Furcolo Hall

Project Title: Project STEM CLAVESustaining Teachers of Emergent Multilinguals for Content and Literacy Access Via Equity

The acronym CLAVE refers to the Spanish word for “code” or “key” as this project aims to provide the “key” to high-quality STEM education for emergent multilingual in Bilingual and Dual Language (BDL) programs. This project aims to: (a) increase the capability of more BDL teachers in Massachusetts and Puerto Rico to implement integrated STEM and literacy practices through an equity lens; (b) increase ELs’ English language proficiency and achievement in STEM disciplines through integrated content and literacy instructional practices; (c) develop transferable guidance and a replicable model for BDL teacher PD and licensure to states included in the edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) consortium.
Selected publications:
  • Di Stefano, M., Almazán-Vázquez, A., Yepes, W, (in press). Dismantling Gender Binary Associations in the Spanish Class: Three Transnational Testimonios. In K. F. Davidson, L. J. Randolph, and S. M. Johnson (Eds.), How We Take Action: Social Justice in K-16 Language Classrooms. 
  • Di Stefano, M., Villanueva, I., Esquinca, A. (in press). Reconceptualizing bilingual/dual-language teacher education to promote disciplinary biliteracies in STEM. In C.R. Aquino-Sterling, M. Gort, & B.B. Flores (Eds.), Innovating Curricular & Pedagogical Designs in Bilingual Teacher Education: Bridging the Distance with P-12 Contexts
  • Di Stefano, M., Almazán-Vázquez, A., Yepes-Amaya, W., & Britton, E. R. (2021). “Tu lucha es mi lucha”: Teaching Spanish through an equity and social justice lens. Foreign Language Annals, 1–23
  • Villanueva, I., Di Stefano, M., Gelles, L., Youmans, K., Hunt, A. (2020). Development and Assessment of a Vignette Survey Instrument to Identify Responses due to Hidden Curriculum among Engineering Students and Faculty. International Journal of Engineering Education, 36 (5), 1549-1569.