Manasvini Singh

UMass Assistant Professor Manasvini Singh
Assistant Professor
Department of Resource Economics | College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Stockbridge Hall

Project Title: Environmental Pressures and Health Care Delivery

It is well known that climate change is a serious threat to society. However, prior research has largely focused on how environmental pressures affect health itself, while the question of how these pressures affect the supply of health services has been ignored. Thus, I propose to examine how environmental pressures (such as extreme climatic events or abnormal daily environmental patterns) affect the delivery of health services, and how these effects are exacerbated by patient vulnerability to such pressures. 

Selected Publications:

  • Singh, M. (2020). "What Passed is Past? The Role of Recent Adverse Events in Physician Treatment Decisions". Manuscript submitted for publication.
  • Druss, B. G., Singh, M., et al. (2018) ”Peer-Led Self-Management of General Medical Conditions for Patients With Serious Mental Illnesses: A Randomized Trial”. Psychiatric Services, 69(5), 529-535.