Lawrence King

Professor of Economics
Department of Economics | College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
216 Gordon Hall

Scholars Project Title: Financialization and the Pharmaceutical Crisis 

There is general agreement that society is currently affected by multiple and profoundly consequential crises connected to pharmaceuticals. There is less consensus on the causes of these crises. Dr. King will conduct two interrelated studies, one a longitudinal quantitative analysis and the other a set of in-depth case studies, to examine how changes in the ownership structure and strategic orientation of pharmaceutical firms, or "financialization," are leading to suboptimal public health outcomes.
Selected Publications
  • “Betting on hepatitis C: how financial speculation in drug development influences access to medicines” (with Victor Roy). 2016. BMJ 354:1378 doi: 10.1136/bmj.i3718. 
  • “Factors Influencing Prescription Drug Costs in the United States” (with Victor Roy and Luke Hawksbee) 2016. JAMA 316(22): 2431.
  • “Governing drug reimbursement policy in Poland: The role of the state, civil society, and the private sector.” (with Piotr Ozieranski). 2017. Theory and Society. Published online: 03 November 2017.
  • “Impact of International Monetary Fund programs on Child Health.” 2017. (Forthcoming) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. (with Adel Dauod, Elias Nosroti, Alexander Kentikelenis, Thomas Stubbs, Bernhard Reinsberg). .
  • “Rapid privatization and mortality during transition: a retrospective cohort study in Russia using matched mono-industrial towns” (with Aytalina Azarova; Darja Irdam; Alexi Gugushvili; Mihaly Fazekas; Gábor Scheiring; Pia Horvat; Denes Stefler; Irina Kolesnikova; Vladimir Popov; Ivan Szelenyi; David Stuckler; Michael Marmot; Michael Murphy; Martin McKee; Martin Bobak). ​2017. Lancet Public Health l 2: e231-38.