Kimberley Geissler

UMass Assistant Professor Kimberley Geissler
Assistant Professor
Department of Health Promotion and Policy | School of Public Health and Health Sciences
337 Arnold House

Project Title: Provider Specialization in the Treatment of Mental Illness

One in five adults in the US experience a mental illness, with nearly 1 in 25 having a serious mental illness. Individuals with mental illness struggle to obtain adequate health care for their mental health and physical health needs, and the quality of the care they receive is often inadequate. This research addresses one aspect of mental health services delivery – provider specialization – that may be an important component of mental health care quality. Better understanding how to optimize the match between patients and providers and improve mental health care quality is an important contribution to the care of individuals with mental illness.

Selected Publications:

  • Geissler KH, Lubin B, Ericson KM. (2018). The role of organizational affiliations in physician patient-sharing relationships. Medical Care Research and Review. Published ahead of print, 20 April 2018; p. 1-18 
  • Geissler KH (with Agha L, Ericson KM, and Rebitzer J). (2018) Team Formation and Performance: Evidence from Healthcare Referral Networks. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper #24338.
  • Geissler KH, Lubin B, Ericson KM. (2016) Access is not enough: characteristics of physicians who treat Medicaid patients. Medical Care. 54(4):350-8.
  • Zheng X*, Ren ZJ, Heineke J, Geissler KH. (2016). Reductions in Diagnostic Imaging With High Deductible Health Plans. Medical Care. 54(2), 110-117.