Juniper Katz

UMass Assistant Professor Jennifer Katz
Assistant Professor
School of Public Policy | College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
636 Thompson Hall

2021-22 Scholars Project Title: Linking Land Conservation and Clean Energy: Conflict and Opportunity in Siting Clean Energy Projects

This project seeks to answer key questions relating to the compatibility of clean energy projects and land conservation. Such question include the extent to which conservation easements are compatible with clean energy infrastructure, the role that land conservation networks could play in siting clean energy infrastructure, and the identification of areas of conflict and common interest between conservation groups and clean energy developers.

Selected Publications as of 2021 (see professional website for current work):

  • Katz, Juniper. 2018. “The Space Between: Demonization of Opponents and Policy Divergence.” Review of Policy Research 35 (2): 280-301. doi:10.1111/ropr.12279.

  • Olofsson, Kristin L., Juniper Katz, Daniel P. Costie, Christopher M. Weible, and Tanya Heikkila. 2018. “A Dominant Coalition and Policy Change: An Analysis of Shale Oil and Gas Politics in India.” Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning 20 (5): 645-660. 

  • Weible, Christopher M., Kristin L. Olofsson, Daniel P. Costie, Juniper Katz, and Tanya Heikkila. 2016. “Enhancing Precision and Clarity in the Study of Policy Narratives: An Analysis of Climate and Air Issues in Delhi, India.” Review of Policy Research 33 (4):420-441.