Jeanne Brunner

UMass Assistant Professor Jeanne Brunner
Assistant Professor
Department of Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies | College of Education
W154 Furcolo Hall

Project Title: Supporting the Teaching of Nature of Science in Elementary Grades with Read-Alouds

Understanding nature of science is an important goal of education, as it leads to a better understanding of the diverse peoples who do science and increased scientific literacy. Previous research has shown that elementary teachers can effectively teach nature of science with read-aloud books that highlight people doing science, coupled with educative materials that support teachers’ understanding of nature of science. However, elementary-level books typically do not address nature of science effectively, and instead these books must be modified to address the relevant nature of science concepts. This project seeks to support elementary teachers to identify and modify books that can be used to teach nature of science through read-alouds.

Selected Publications:

  • Brunner, J. L., & Abd-El-Khalick, F. (2020). Improving nature of science instruction in elementary classes with modified science trade books and educative curriculum materials. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 57, 154-183.

  • Brunner, J. L. (2019). Teachers’ use of educative features in guides for nature of science read-alouds. Science & Education, 28, 413-437.

  • Summers, R., Alameh, S., Brunner, J., Maddux, J., Wallon, R., & Abd-El-Khalick, F. (2019). Representations of nature of science in U.S. science standards: A historical account with contemporary implications. Journal of Research in Science Teaching, 56,1234-1268.

  • Brunner, J. L., & Abd-El-Khalick, F. (2017). Representations of nature of science in U.S. elementary science trade books. In C. V. McDonald & F. Abd-El-Khalick (Eds.), Representations of nature of science in school science textbooks: A global perspective (pp. 135 – 151). New York, NY: Routledge.