Jacquie Kurland

UMass Amherst Associate Professor Jacquie Kurland
Associate Professor
Department of Communication Disorders | School of Public Health and Health Sciences
Communication Disorders Building 315

Project Title: A Measure of Interactional Satisfaction and Transactional Success in Aphasic Conversation

It is well known that people with aphasia, a language impairment secondary to left hemisphere stroke, communicate better than they talk. Unfortunately, there exist no psychometrically valid, clinically feasible instruments for measuring treatment-induced improvements in conversation, the most frequent communicative activity of daily life. This project seeks to develop a normed instrument that will fill this critical gap.

Selected Publications:

  • Kurland, J, & Stokes, P (2018). Let’s talk real talk: An argument to include conversation in a D-COS for aphasia research with an acknowledgment of the challenges ahead. Aphasiology, 32(4), 475-478.
  • Kurland, J, Liu, A, & Stokes, P (2018). Effects of a tablet-based home practice program with telepractice on treatment outcomes in chronic aphasia. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 61, 1140-56.
  • Kurland, J, Stanek, EJ III, Stokes, P, Li, M, & Andrianopoulos, M (2016). Intensive language action therapy in chronic aphasia: A randomized clinical trial examining guidance by constraint. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology, 25, S798-S812.
  • Kurland, J, Pulvermuller, F, Silva, N, Burke, K, & Andrianopoulos, M (2012). Constrained vs. unconstrained intensive language therapy in two individuals with chronic, moderate-to-severe aphasia and apraxia of speech: Behavioral and fMRI outcomes. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 21, S65-S87.