Ina Ganguli

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics (College of Social and Behavioral Sciences)
“The Emergence of Gender Differences in Scientific Careers: New Data and Evidence on the Role of Family, Mentors and Collaborators”
Dr. Ganguli’s research focuses on gender differences in the labor market. Dr. Ganguli will use her residency in the ISSR Scholars Program to support her drafting of a grant application to the National Science Foundation exploring the reasons for the underrepresentation and underperformance of women in academic science. 
Recent Publications: 
  • Ina Ganguli. 2015. "Immigration and Ideas: What Did Russian Scientists 'Bring' to the United States?" Journal of Labor Economics 33(S1) Part 2: S257-S288.
  • Richard B. Freeman, Ina Ganguli and Raviv Murciano-Goroff. 2014. "Why and Wherefore of Increased Scientific Collaboration." In Adam Jaffe and Benjamin Jones (eds.),The Changing Frontier: Rethinking Science and Innovation Policy. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Ina Ganguli, Ricardo Hausmann and Martina Viarengo. 2014. "Closing the Gender Gap in Education: What is the State of Gaps in Labor Force Participation for Women, Wives and Mothers." International Labour Review 153(2): 173-207.
Keywords: collaboration, education, gender gap, innovation, international, knowledge diffusion, Russia, science