ISSR Methodology Workshop | Say it with a Graph in STATA!

Stata logo in blue with graphs of data distribution curves in white
Wednesday, March 6, 2024 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
In Person - DuBois Lab 1667

Instructor: Onupurba Das

STATA is a statistical software widely used in social science analysis. This workshop is for folks who are beginners to those with more experience, aiming to enhance their ability to convey data visually.

We will cover the fundamentals of using do-files, learn commonly used syntax for creating various types of graphs. Then, we will go through personalizing the graphs and touch on the basics of presenting information through maps. We will work with sample data throughout, and you will gain the foundational knowledge necessary to generate STATA graphs for you own projects.

Learning Objectives:
By the workshop's conclusion, participants will:

  1. Use basic STATA DO-files
  2. Create basic histograms, boxplots, scatterplots, line graphs, bar graphs, and dot graphs
  3. Customize and personalize graphs
  4. Present basic information using maps


  1. Some prior STATA experience (equivalent to an introductory workshop).
  2. The workshop utilizes Stata for PC - there are a few minor commands and functionalities different in STATA for Mac, but Mac users are also encouraged to attend the workshop.
  3. The in-person lab will have access to STATA via the lab computers, but if you plan on using your own laptop, you must set up your access to STATA prior to the workshop.

You can access STATA through remote desktop available through UMass.

See information on how to obtain STATA under ‘STATA for students’ in the following link: