ISSR Methodology Workshop | Querying Coded Data (Online)

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Monday, March 22, 2021 - 2:30pm to 4:30pm
Online Event - Login credentials via email for registered participants

Instructor: Erica Kowsz

This workshop begins with a coded sample project and delves into the use of queries to generate different kinds of results from your qualitative data. The workshop will focus on raising awareness of the full range of analysis possibilities in NVivo and running through examples of how to execute these in the software and organize your queries and results.

We will cover both qual-quant approaches and more purely qualitative ones. Qual-quant approaches will include frequencies, percentage coverage (by text or case), and the use of case attributes in queries to distinguish between different groups in your research based on demographic or other variables. In the final segment of the workshop, we will touch on the role for QDA software in your workflow as you approach the writing stage. With most qualitative research projects, you will find you have more information and insights at hand than you can include in any given paper, presentation, even a longer manuscript. QDA software can be an asset for preserving the full breadth of your interpretations while also saving particular queries and results to allow you to move from drafting to data and back again with relative ease. 

This workshop is designed for users who have basic familiarity with QDA software (like MAXQDA or NVivo) and want to go deeper with NVivo and get some structured practice with queries.* Throughout the workshop, we will work within a sample project, developing techniques and thought-processes you’ll be able to take home for work on your own materials. 

Accessing the software for your personal computer: Unfortunately, we are not able to offer use of ISSR laptops while teaching the workshop remotely this semester. Participants will be using their own computers at home, so everyone will need to have NVivo 12 installed prior to the workshop. NVivo is available for download through institutional license for graduate students and faculty in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (this access is administered by ISSR; request a license at this link). Similar access may be available through your own college or department; check this out as soon as you register so that you’re sure to have access to the software for the workshop.  If you can’t get access through those channels, there is a 14 day free trail available for Mac and PC: Just be sure not to download your trial more than 13 days ahead of the workshop date! 

What is NVivo? NVivo is a qualitative data management software that offers a platform to organize, analyze, and parse through large amounts of qualitative data of all kinds—from interview recordings and field notes to video and images. Want to learn more about what the software can do? Visit The QSR International web page

*If you’re new to QDA software, there is an Introductory course in NVivo being offered on March 8; you could enroll in both. The Part II course is not suggested prior to the Introductory course if you are a new user. If you are a MAXQDA user looking to get fluent in NVivo as well, write to the instructor to see if the Part II course is a good match (