ISSR Methodology Workshop | Introduction to NVivo: The Basics

NVivo logo in aqua blue
Friday, March 15, 2024 - 12:30pm to 2:30pm
In Person - Integrative Learning Center (ILC) Room S311

Instructor: Debadatta Chakraborty

This workshop offers a step by step introduction on how to use NVivo coding software for your qualitative research projects. This workshop begins with a sample project in NVivo, and will use examples to demonstrate how to import data into the program, assign classification information to files, create node structure and begin coding files within NVivo.

This workshop is designed for users who are newer or completely new to using NVivo. Throughout the workshop, we will work within a sample project, developing the basic comprehensive knowledge needed to use NVivo software for your own projects.

*This workshop solemnly focuses on NVivo 14. Please see below instructions to download, install, and acquire NVivo 14 license.

Accessing NVivo software for your personal computer: All attendees will need to have NVivo 14 installed on their Mac or PC home computer before the date of the workshop.