Eve Vogel

UMass Associate Professor Eve Vogel
Associate Professor
Department of Geosciences | College of Natural Sciences
242 Morrill Science Center

Project Title: Ambiguities of renewable energy: rethinking electricity markets, green development and sustainability in Massachusetts (Co-Scholar Regine Spector)

This project (together with Regine Spector) seeks to better understand the ambiguities and tensions inherent in implementing green and renewable energies to build a more just and sustainable society. Through a historically and ethnographically informed, multi-sited research design within Massachusetts, we ask how the state’s promotion of “green” electricity through capitalist markets to achieve competition and carbon reduction goals actually plays out in practice in local communities and environments, particularly through impacts on hydropower, rivers and river communities.

Selected Publications:

  • Vogel, Eve. In prep (2020). Progressive capitalism in practice? Pairing (Partially) Neoliberalized Electricity with Advancing Renewables in Massachusetts. The Northeastern Geographer, Vol 12. Part of special issue: Vogel, Eve, Ed. In prep (2020): Quebec Hydropower for a green Massachusetts? Connections, contradictions and contests of electricity.

  • Vogel, Eve, Nicole Gillett*, Christine Hatch, Benjamin Warner, Jerry Schoen, Laurel Payne**, Daphne Chang**, Peter Huntington*, John Gartner, and Noah Slovin. 2016. Supporting New England Communities to Become River-Smart: Policies and Programs That Can Help New England Towns Thrive Despite River Floods. UMass Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment. 84 pp. http://extension.umass.edu/riversmart/policy-report

  • Vogel, Eve. 2015. Does River Basin Governance Mean Wider Access to River Management? A Long-term Perspective from the Tennessee, Columbia, and Connecticut Rivers. In: Catherine M. Ashcraft and Tamar Mayer, Eds. The Politics of Fresh Water: Access, Conflict and Identity, 41-58. Earthscan / Routledge.

  • Vogel, Eve and Alexandra Lacy.** 2012. (actual pub date 2013): New Deal versus Yankee Independence: The Twenty-Year Battle Over Comprehensive Development of the Connecticut River and Its Consequences. The Northeastern Geographer, 4(2): 66-94.

    * = graduate student, ** = undergraduate research assistant