Dania Francis

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Dania Francis broadly studies the fields of labor economics and public economics with particular attention given to racial and ethnic inequalities.  She completed her PhD in May 2013 at Duke University, where her dissertation research centered on the economics of education, focusing on the causes and consequences of the racial and socioeconomic academic achievement gap. 
Recent Publications: 
  • Dania V. Francis. 2013.  “Economic Growth.” In P. L. Mason (Ed.), The Encyclopedia of Race and Racism (2 ed.) Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, an imprint of Gale / Cengage Learning.
  • Dania Francis. 2011. “Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice? Teacher Perceptions of Black Girls in the Classroom.” The Review of Black Political Economy 39(3): 311-20.
  • William A. Darity, Jr., Bidisha Lahiri, and Dania V. Francis. 2010. “Reparations for African-Americans as aTransfer Problem: A Cautionary Tale.” Review of Development Economics 14(2): 248-61.
Keywords: education, racial disparities, student behavior, teacher perceptions, African Americans, economic conditions, income gap, international trade, incentives in industry