Fostering Interdisciplinary Collaboration

ISSR connects scholars across disciplinary and methodological boundaries, enriching the repertoires of each, and opening opportunities for innovative new theory and research discoveries.

ISSR as a Natural Connector

Social science spans the human experience, and thrives through interdisciplinary collaboration. ISSR seminars, workshops, and methodology services build a robust community for debate and mutual learning on new frontiers in research, and spark innovation across disciplinary boundaries.

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Social Science and Environment Network


The Social Science and Environment Network (SSEN) is a community of learning around climate change and sustainability research. ISSR supports this grass-roots model to leverage UMass' dispersed social science capacity on issues of vital intellectual and political importance.

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Center for Economic Equity


ISSR supports the Center for Employment Equity (CEE), a new research center at UMass which conducts research on workplace equity, disseminating results widely to scholars, the public, policymakers, agencies, and the media.

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