Allecia Reid

UMass Assistant Professor Allecia Reid
Assistant Professor
Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences | College of Natural Sciences
628 Tobin Hall

Scholars Project Title: Using Inhibitory Control Training to Reduce Conformity to Peer Alcohol Use

Much research has demonstrated that we consume more alcohol when in the presence of others who engage in heavy alcohol consumption. Dr. Reid will utilize laboratory-based, experimental techniques to examine whether training individuals to associate alcohol with behavioral restraint reduces conformity to a peer who displays heavy alcohol use.

Selected Publications:

  • Reid, A. E., & Carey, K. B.  (2018). Why are social networks associated with college students’ alcohol use? Focus on psychological mediators. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 32, 456-465.

  • Reid, A. E., Taber, J. M., Ferrer, R. A., Biesecker, B. B., Lewis, K. L.,  Biesecker, L. G., & Klein, W. M. P. (2018). Associations of perceived norms with intentions to learn genome sequencing results: Roles for attitudes and attitudinal ambivalence. Health Psychology, 37, 553-561.

  • Reid, A. E., & Carey, K. B. (2015). Interventions to reduce college student drinking: State of the evidence for mechanisms of behavior change. Clinical Psychology Review, 40, 213-224.

  • Reid, A. E., Carey, K. B., Merrill, J. E., & Carey, M. P. (2015).  Social network influences on initiation and maintenance of reduced drinking among college students. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 83, 36-44.

  • Reid, A. E., Cialdini, R. B., & Aiken, L. S. (2010). Social norms and health behavior. In A. Steptoe (Ed.), Handbook of behavioral medicine research: Methods and applications (pp. 263-274). New York: Springer.