Welcoming our 2017-18 Faculty Fellows

On September 22, this year's faculty seminar on ‘Dissent' held its first meeting. This year, ISI has chosen twelve faculty members as its incoming fellows. Over the course of the coming year, the fellows will approach the seminar’s theme of ‘Dissent’ from a variety of perspectives, ranging from economics and public policy to theatre, and from political science to management. The fellows receive a generous research allowance, and will be participating in our yearlong faculty seminar.

This year’s fellows come from a great variety of departments across campus. They include (from left to right): Lee Badgett (Economics and Public Policy), Bogdan Prokopovych(Management), Malcolm Sen (English), Laura Furlan (English), John Higginson (History), Hande Gurses (Comparative Literature), Barbara Cruikshank (Political Science), Marian MacCurdy (English), Kathryn Lachman (Comparative Literature), Megan Lewis (Theatre), Roberta Marvin (Music and Dance), and Christopher Couch (Comparative Literature).

We welcome this year’s fellows, and look forward to many engaging and intellectually stimulating meetings in the coming academic year!