ISI Seminar 2014-15


The Interdisciplinary Studies Institute has chosen the theme "Value" for its 2014-15 faculty seminar. "Value" is one of our keywords, easy to say and to claim, though almost impossible to pin down in its complexity and range all the way from the most material to the most ethereal. Yet, has there ever been a society where questions of value have not been front and center, both foundation and purpose, assumption and teleology, a matter for dispute, conviction and doubt? As a term that has been construed in so many different forms in so many different contexts, it is an ideal topic for interdisciplinary investigation.


Jenny Adams 

David Buchanan 
Public Health

Angela de Oliveira
Resource Economics

Aline Gubrium
Public Health

Milliann Kang
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Rebecca Lorimer Leonard

Max Page

Britt Rusert
Afro-American Studies

Anurag Sharma
Isenberg School of Management

Enhua Zhang
Asian Languages and Literatures