Beyond Reproduction

Working Group

As a followup to ISHA’s first seminar on ‘Reproduction,’ a group has continued to meet, under the title of ‘Beyond Reproduction.’ Its members include the following:

Betsy Krause, Department of Anthropology 
Amanda Walker Johnson, Department of Anthropology
Sky Arndt-Briggs, German and Scandinavian Studies
Mari Castañeda, Department of Communication
Pat Warner, Department of Theater (Emerita)
Alice Nash, Department of History
Marla Miller, Department of History (on leave)
Laura Lovett, Department of History
Laetitia LaFollette, Department of Art and Art History
Amanda Seaman, Asian Languages and Literatures
Marisol Barbon, Spanish and Portuguese
Nina Scott, Spanish and Portuguese (Emerita)

For more information about the group, contact Nina Scott.