ISI seminars run for a year, and are organized around specific themes. Fellows alternate in leading the discussion, pursuing a particular project in which they are interested. Though the theme is common to all, fellows inevitably approach it from their own points of view and disciplinary perspectives. The result is an interdisciplinary exchange which provides intellectual stimulation and furthers the individual and collaborative work of all concerned. The basis for discussion may be a formal or informal presentation; a set of readings (or images, or music); a piece of writing or work of art composed by the presenter(s); or some combination. The ethos is democratic and interactive, allowing for free-flowing discussion and stimulation. Below you will find a description of our current seminar, as well as a list of the Fellows and their projects.

ISI Announces 2018 Graduate Student Seminar Fellows

We are excited to announce that ten graduate students have been chosen as Fellows for the ISI's inaugural interdisciplinary graduate student seminar on "Dissent", which will begin meeting on February 14. As is customary in ISI's Faculty Seminar, the Graduate Student Fellows will approach this theme from a great variety of perspectives, ranging from theater to the social sciences and the humanities, and will meet to present their work on dissent throughout the spring semester. 

The ten 2018 graduate student fellows are Swati Birla (Sociology), Jodie Childers (English), Maryam Fatima (Comparative Literature), Florianne Jimenez (English, Composition/Rhetoric), Brendan McCauley (Communication), Ben Nolan (Political Science), Sonny Nordmarken(Sociology), Emily Tareila (MFA Studio Art), Cecilia Vasquez (Anthropology), and Magdalena Zapędowska (English).

Congratulations to our new Fellows! We thank all applicants for their interest, and look forward to a fruitful and productive seminar for all participants!