ISI Announces 'Dissent' Fellows

The ISI is delighted to announce that twelve faculty members have been chosen by the ISI Board as Fellows for our 2017-2018 seminar on “Dissent.” The Fellows will approach the theme of the seminar from a variety of perspectives, ranging from the humanities to the social sciences, from economics to theater.

The 2017-18 Fellows are Lee Badgett, Economics; Chris Couch, Comparative Literature; Barbara Cruikshank, Political Science; Laura Furlan, English; Hande Gurses, Comparative Literature; John Higginson, History; Kathryn Lachman, Comparative Literature; Megan Lewis, Theater; Marian MacCurdy, English; Roberta Marvin, Music and Dance; Bogdan Prokopovych, Isenberg; and Malcolm Sen, English.