Apart from its regular seminars, the ISI hosts a number of related activities. We are delighted to invite eminent figures for our Annual Lecture, which supplements and corresponds to our seminar in any given year; sometimes this takes on other formats, such as a symposium or panel presentation. We also host other panels and presentations from time to time, and co-sponsor other events on campus. Details on current and past activities are below.

Events 2005-2006


‘Dateline Britain 2005: The Racial State of the Everyday.’  Jacqueline Nassy Brown (Hunter College). Annual Distinguished Lecture:  New Directions in the Anthropology of Europe. February 2006.

Five College African Film Festival. An international Film Festival featuring African filmmakers based in Africa and Europe. 29 March-2 April 2006.

‘Remapping Black Germany: New Perspectives on Afro-German History, Politics, and Culture.’  An international conference in collaboration with German and Scandinavian Studies, 6-27 April 2006. 

Events 2003-2004


‘The Contribution of African Historians to African Historiography.’
A roundtable symposium, part of the Five College African Studies Project, ‘Listening Again For the African Past.’ 23 October 2003.

Events 2000-2003

Vandana Shiva (Research Foundation on Science, Technology, and Ecology). 21 November 2002.

‘Diagrams and Unruly Complexity, Ecology and Reflective Practitioners.’  Peter Taylor (University of Massachusetts, Boston). A colloquium for undergraduate students, in collaboration with Commonwealth College. 1 November 2002.

‘South Africa Now: What the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Left Out.’ Sindiwe Magona (United Nations). 10 April 2002.

Seminar: Sustainability and Stewardship. Dominick LaCapra (Cornell University). 6 May 2001. Seminar: Reproduction.