What Is Orientation?

The International Student Orientation (ISO) covers topics that are unique to International students not included in the New Students Orientation (NSO for undergraduate degree seeking students). ISO provides services specifically for International Students.

  • Welcome students upon arrival, and assist students with their on campus move in process.
  • Provide trips to the mall to enable students to buy essentials. 
  • Invite cell phone companies and banks to allow students to open accounts without having a social security number.
  • Offer information sessions regarding health insurance, legal and safety issues and U.S. culture. 
  • Offer “academic honesty” to help International students avoid plagiarism. 
  • Provide food on arrival day, a bank lunch, a BBQ dinner, a dinner dance and many local trips with other International students to help with making new friends.
  • Offer Immigration session and SEVIS information to students to help maintain their status.

The ISO provides essential information and fun activities to help you discover the excitement of attending UMass Amherst and also to experience the culture and beauty of the surrounding communities.