Requesting TN

Requesting TN

There are two methods for obtaining TN status:

  • Change of Status or Extension (application filed within the U.S.)
  • Entry to the US (no filing of documents inside the US-no I-129 form or fees required from the Department)

Documents to Obtain a TN/TD at the Border

A letter of job offer, citing the specific TN category for which the person is eligible for a TN (Please refer to the list of TN occupations)

  • Curriculum Vitae or Resume
  • Any diploma that is cited as required for the TN (copies and originals)
  • Passport that is valid for at least 6 months in future
  • Marriage License and/or birth certificate (if spouse or children applying for TD)

Dependent Visas

The spouse and children (under age 21) of TN visa holders may apply for TD visas to accompany the TN to the United States or to join the TN later. The TN must be able to show his or her ability to financially support dependents in the United States. A TD visa holder could study while in the US but cannot be employed.

Canadian citizen spouses and children do not need visas to obtain TD status.  Spouses and children of TN visa holders who are not Canadian citizens must obtain a TD visa to enter the US.  In addition, all spouses and children of Mexican TN visa holders will need to apply for a TD visa to enter the US.

A spouse or child(ren) seeking to join a TN NAFTA Professional in the United States must show a valid Form I-94 from the principal TN visa holder and a letter of employment confirmation from the department to show that the principal TN visa holder is maintaining TN visa status.