UMass VIP Access

Request Access to UMass VIP

UMass VIP is the IPO’s immigration case management system. It allows departments to submit requests for new scholars/employees, make updates for current scholars/employees, and view their J-1 scholars and H-1B employees.

Before you request UMass VIP access, designate a person(s) within your department who will submit all the J-1 scholar’s requests and be the point person to contact regarding the requests. In most cases, this will be an administrative person and not the sponsoring faculty member. 

The designated person(s) in your department will need to request access through UMass VIP (Visa Information Portal) if they do not already have access. Log in with your UMass credentials. You will receive an email once your request has been approved in 2-3 business days. 

Please refer to this guide for requesting access to the VIP system for instructions.

If you already have access to UMass VIP, please login and go to Departmental Services and add a new person to start a request then pick the appropriate Task. 

Please consult the IPO if you have any questions.

Campus Stakeholders and Administrators:

Please review the Departmental Administrator Spring 2024 IPO Meeting recording here. Topics discussed were immigration updates, Export Control review, NENS for international visitors, and more.

Slides are available here.