Prestigious Graduate International Fellows

Prestigious Graduate International Fellows (PGIF)

NOTE: Students offered/appointed a graduate assistantship position (GEO eligible) will not be eligible for PGIF waiver.

New PGIF Students

Applicants who receive Prestigious Graduate International Fellowships from international agencies or government such as Fulbright, LASPAU, USAID, etc., are eligible to request full or partial tuition waivers (this will be in a form of a tuition credit to their bill). Please follow the steps below to request cost sharing options:

  1. Include Naoko Ishida in your email to the University when requesting admission.
  2. If possible, please include in this email how much the agency is willing to contribute towards the following categories in the upcoming academic year:
  3. Department/College and the International Programs Office will agree upon the negotiated waiver amount and notify the sponsoring agency.
  4. PGIF students will be asked to submit documents to IPO before arriving on campus.  After successful collection of these documents and after add/drop deadline of each term, waiver/credits will be applied to the student’s bill.

Continuing PGIF Students

  1. PGIF students will receive an email from the IPO in the Spring term to see if they are interested in receiving the same level of waiver/credit for the upcoming academic year. The PGIF student’s academic advisor should email the IPO with student’s full name and student ID, with a statement confirming that satisfactory academic progress is being made and the department supports you as a student in good standing.
  2. In the same email, students are asked to submit documentation to the IPO for the upcoming academic year. Once the IPO has successfully collected all required documents from the student and a confirmation email from academic advisor, the waiver/credit will be applied to student’s bill after add/drop of each term.