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Nader Ibrahim at his internship in Hinsdale, New Hampshire

IEW Student Profile: Nader Ibrahim ’20

Monday, November 16, 2020

Next time you return from errands or an appointment on time—or even find a few more dollars in your monthly budget— you might thank Nader Ibrahim ‘20. Ibrahim, an international student from Egypt, is studying industrial engineering at UMass Amherst. He describes his work as “meant to improve efficiencies and reduce wait times” across a number of industries.

“I’m doing my best to give people ease in doing their jobs on a daily basis,” he adds. “Time is money, and when you can reduce the time it takes to complete a task, it saves you money and makes things easier for everyone.” He says his work could yield results through reduced wait times in places like physicians’ clinics, or a bank. It may also be used to reduce the time it takes to manufacture the products you use, ultimately saving the consumer money.

Ibrahim drew from his experience with industrial engineering when he interned at HCP Packaging, a cosmetics packing company in Hinsdale, New Hampshire. There he sought to improve efficiency in the plant’s machines, decrease downtime, and reduce cost. Ibrahim’s performance inspired the company to create a full-time, paid position specifically for him when he graduates this December. “It was a great experience,” he says. “I was welcomed with open arms. The team there really appreciated having someone from a different background.”

Ibrahim says he enjoyed becoming a member of the UMass Amherst community, immersing himself in Western culture, and learning about his peers' backgrounds (as well as teaching them about his). Outside of academics, Ibrahim says that participating in intramural sports like soccer and flag football allowed him to find a community at the University. “Everyone can relate to sports,” he says. “Sports allow people to forget their woes, and provide a means of communication, and to take care of yourself physically and mentally. I met a lot of amazing people at UMass through sports.”