J-1 Student Dependents

J-1 Student Dependents

If you encounter an E-Form access issue and have tried accessing the E-form in multiple web browsers, please email iss[at]umass[dot]edu

Requesting J-2 Sponsorship

J-1 visa holders are eligible to request their spouse and/or child (children) up to age 21 to accompany them to the United States on a dependent visa.

Please access our Dependent Request E-Form. To login, enter your UMass NETID credentials and choose Amherst as your campus.

  • Please scroll through the E-Form first - it is important to have all requested information available. You should submit one E-Form for each J-2 dependent to want to request. Once you have collected and entered all pertinent information, please hit the submit button. IPO staff will be notified once you have submitted the form.
    • Financials: J-1s must demonstrate that they have enough funding for one year for each dependent. Bank statements must be less than 6 months old and in English.
      • Undergraduate Students: Please contact your IPO Advisor for expense estimates.
      • Graduate Students: You will need to submit finances for a single graduate student plus each dependent. Additional funding is required. NOTE: If you have an assistantship, please upload a copy of your contract. We cannot accept prior term contracts; please ask your department for an updated one or a confirmation letter of your funding. If additional funding is needed, the IPO will contact you.

Dependent requests take 10-12 business days to be processed.

If your J-2 no longer needs to remain under UMass’ sponsorship, please email your IPO advisor.

Family Resources

When bringing family members to the U.S., please read the important information on Schools and Childcare.

J-2 Study

J-2’s (spouses or child/children) have no restrictions with regards to study as long as their J-1’s record is still active.

J-2 Employment Application

Dependents (spouse, children ages 15-21) of J-1 holders are eligible to work with permission from USCIS. The IPO cannot advise on J-2 applications as they are personal application. More information is available here.

Changing from J-2 to another status

Once the J-2 has reached age 21, they are no longer eligible for J-2 status. You should plan at least 2 years ahead of time as to how you plan to change to another status. If you are not attending UMass and changing to an F-1/J-1, you should work with your other institution or immigration attorney for assistance.

Bars and Limitations J-1 Student Categories

*These apply to the J-2 as soon as they enter the U.S. in J-2 status

  • 12 Month Bar: Please keep in mind that students in J-1 categories of Student BachelorsStudent MastersStudent DoctorateStudent Non-Degree (whose stay exceeds 6 months) will have a 12-month bar on participation in a J-1 status of Research Scholar or Professor. There is no waiver for this. Please update the IPO if you do leave your program early and depart the U.S. as the end date will need to be updated and will allow the 12-month bar to begin.
  • Two-Year Home Country Residency Requirement [INA 212(e)]: You will become subject if your J-1 program is funded by either your government or the U.S. government, involves specialized knowledge or skills deemed necessary by your home country, or if you come to the U.S. for graduate medical training. If this requirement applies to you, you must return to your home country for a cumulative total of two years at the end of your J-1 program. You are not prohibited from traveling to the U.S., but you may not benefit from certain employment-based or family-based visas until the requirement is satisfied. This requirement currently applies to all dependents in J-2 status under the J-1. To verify if you are subject, please confirm by looking at your J-1 visa stamp and/or the consulate signature section on your original DS-2019.