H-1B Responsibilities

Responsibilities of the Department and Employee

Departments should be fully aware of their responsibility in sponsoring an H-1B employee at UMass Amherst. It is also pertinent that the employee is aware of certain restrictions they have as an H-1B beneficiary.

The sponsoring department must pay all necessary IPO and United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) application fees.  The H-1B employee may not pay for any of the fees associated with the H-1B application.

 H-1B employees can only be paid by their sponsor (UMass Amherst) and cannot accept outside work, such as honorariums, short-term consulting work, etc. As such, UMass employees who are under H-1B visa sponsorship cannot accept compensation for guest lecturing or teaching courses at other universities. However, they can be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses.

H-1B employees can only work at the specific location indicated on their H-1B application. If there is a need for a H-1B employee to work at additional sites/location other than what was provided at the time of H-1B filing, please consult with IPO prior to making any changes to employee’s work location.

Please notify the IPO prior to making any material changes to the job duties, title (i.e., Asst Professor to Associate Professor) and hours, and/or being placed on unpaid leave or any type of non-pay status during their H-1B period. Other types of actions such as termination or resignation prior to the H end date should also be considered.

If the employee is no longer in need of the H1-B status, please notify the IPO so that we can take action accordingly.

Departments will comply with the terms of the Labor Certification Application for the duration of employee's authorized stay and will be responsible for the reasonable cost of return transportation to home country should the employee be dismissed from employment at the University during the period of the H-1B stay.