H-1B Employees: Maintaining Status

H-1B Employees Maintaining Status

H-1B Specific to UMass Amherst

In order to maintain valid H-1B status at UMass Amherst, you must remain on a salaried (paid) appointment.

H-1B Limit: The H-1B category has a 6-year limit. After the 6-year limit is reached, if your spend a year outside the U.S., you may return on another H-1B and begin a new 6-year period. Under some specific conditions, an H-1B may be extended beyond the 6-year limit. Consult with the IPO to see if the required conditions apply in your situation, or if you have any questions on your visa options after 6-year limit.

Change of Address Requirements:

  1. Change your address through SPIRE
  2. Notify the IPO your address has changed
  3. Notify USCIS by completing the Form AR-11 and submitting it to USCIS within 10 days of your address change. Form AR-11 may be submitted electronically on the USCIS website. Before you submit it, please see (URL) for tips on completing Form AR-11. NOTE: if you currently have an application pending with USCIS (e.g. change of status, extension of status, permanent residence application, or work permission request), consult with the IPO before submitting the AR-11.  

H-1B Extensions:

Grace Period:

Unlike other visa classifications, the H-1B does not have an official ‘grace period’ following the end of the H-1B status. The H-1B status is date-specific. A person may enter the U.S. no earlier than 10 days before the start date on the H-1B approval notice, however employment cannot begin until the effective start date.

Early Termination of H-1B:

If you complete, withdraw, or resign from your UMass Amherst appointment before the expiration of your current H-1B status, please notify the IPO right away. The IPO must notify USCIS and Department of Labor. Please provide the exact date of your last expected day of work and reason for leaving (please note your reason will not be shared with any government agency).