F-1 Student Dependents

F-1 Student Dependents

If you encounter an E-Form access issue and have tried accessing the E-form in multiple web browsers, please email iss[at]umass[dot]edu

Requesting F-2 Sponsorship

F-1 visa holders are eligible to request their spouse and/or child (children) up to age 21 to accompany them to the United States on a dependent visa.

Please access our Dependent Request E-Form. To login, enter your UMass NETID credentials and choose Amherst as your campus.

  • Please scroll through the E-Form first - it is important to have all requested information available. You should submit one E-Form for each F-2 dependent to want to request. Once you have collected and entered all pertinent information, please hit the submit button. IPO staff will be notified once you have submitted the form.
    • Financials: F-1s must demonstrate that they have enough funding for one year for each dependent. Bank statements must be less than 6 months old and in English.
      • Undergraduate Students: Please contact your IPO Advisor for expense estimates.
      • Graduate Students: You will need to submit finances for a single graduate student plus each dependent. Additional funding is required. NOTE: If you have an assistantship, please upload a copy of your contract. We cannot accept prior term contracts; please ask your department for an updated one or a confirmation letter of your funding. If additional funding is needed, the IPO will contact you.

Dependent requests take 10-12 business days to be processed.

If your F-2 no longer needs to remain under UMass’ sponsorship, please email your IPO advisor.

F-2 Dependent Work and Study

  • F-2 dependents (whether the spouse or child/children) are not permitted to work under F-2 status in any situation.
  • F-2 dependents (spouse or children who have graduated 12th grade) may study part-time only at an SEVP approved higher education institution as long as their F-1’s record is still in active status.
  • F-2 dependent children may engage in full-time study, including any full course of study, in any elementary or secondary school (kindergarten through twelfth grade) if their F-1’s record is still in active status.
  • If the F-1’s status ends, the F-2’s does as well. Please review the F-1 Leaving UMass website.

Changing from F-2 to F-1

Once the F-2 has reached age 21, they are no longer eligible for F-2 status. You should plan at least 2 years ahead of time as to how you plan to change to an F-1 (or other status).

If an F-2 has been accepted into UMass, we will email them the process to get started on their F-1 I-20. If an F-2 has been accepted into another institution, the F-2 will need to work with their new institution.

There are two ways to change from an F-2 to an F-1 once you have the I-20.

  1. Travel. The fastest way to change is to leave the U.S., get your F-1 visa, and return.
  2. Change of status inside the U.S. Once you have your I-20, you will submit an application to USCIS. This process takes 12+ months and you cannot study full-time until USCIS has approved your change.

Family Resources

When bringing family members to the U.S., please read the important information on Schools and Childcare.